Strategic Partners

Key Partnerships and Expanded Technologies

Enjoy the convenience of countless technologies and manufacturing flexibility through PHT’s joint ventures and strategic partners.

Insight FineChem Co., LTD

Insight FineChem Co., LTD

PHT International is the third-largest shareholder and key stakeholder of Insight FineChem Co. LTD, a research & development facility and fine chemical manufacturer. By building this key relationship, PHT has been able to leverage Insight FineChem’s five workshops and pilot plant, and has a vested interest in Insight FineChem’s quality and success. A company specializing in agricultural intermediates, fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates, Insight FineChem Co., LTD is ISO 9001 certified, has Level 3 Safety Standardization Certification, and regularly passes Clean Production and Occupational Health audits. This affiliation expands our manufacturing capabilities and core technologies, including:

  • Heterocycle Synthesis

  • Green Esterification

  • Ammoniation

  • High Vacuum Distillation

  • Noble Metal Catalytic Hydrogenation (0.6 – 2 MPa)

  • High temperature and pressure reactions (250°C / 5 MPa)

  • Asymmetric Synthesis & Hydrogenations

  • Dry HCl gas preparation and application

PHT Hope

PHT Hope

PHT International offers start-to-finish chemical manufacturing at PHT Hope, our joint-venture with Hope Chemical Co. Located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei China, this facility has 150 total employees and 40 dedicated technicians. PHT Hope is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, and specializes in oxidation, sublimation, and purification processes. Established 2007, PHT has overseen this facility with exacting standards and consistent high-quality results for the past 10 years.