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There’s a reason PHT has become the go-to partner for leading pharmaceutical companies. Long-term product life cycles need consistency and reliability. With exacting standards and over 25 years producing consistent, high-quality products, PHT has built its reputation of dependability through its unfailing commitment to providing the best solutions. Now with PHT’s ability to synthesize custom chemistries and reactions at our wholly-owned manufacturing facility, PHT Pharmaceutical is positioned to help your business, whether you are looking to increase throughput, improve your data integrity or simply reduce cost without losing product purity. PHT can assist you, no matter what stage of production.

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Our company’s longevity didn’t come by accident. We’ve spent 25 years building customer relationships and perfecting our processes to provide the highest level of service in the industry. From that solid foundation we’ve created a leading global network of industry relationships and earned our reputation for integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. Whether it’s helping clients find the best raw materials through our extensive global resource network or creating end-to-end custom manufacturing solutions in our FDA-inspected facility, PHT International works to ensure our partnership with your company becomes a lifelong relationship.

PHT’s Capabilities:

  • Custom chemical manufacturing, including APIs and high-purity intermediates

  • Research & development, including sample production and analysis

  • Ability to produce over 20 leading industry reactions and technologies

  • In-house regulation of all starting materials

  • End-to-end product life cycle management

Chemical Engineer

Big picture innovation can’t happen when you’re worried about the details. As a chemical engineer you’re responsible for some of the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest advances. Data integrity and product quality matter. A lot. That’s why PHT has become the go-to partner for companies who care about integrity as much as we do. With multiple manufacturing facilities producing top technologies under the most stringent regulatory standards, PHT can guarantee high-quality, consistent products are delivered every single time. In addition, PHT continues to innovate on our customer’s behalf. Whether it’s continually improving our processes through our dedicated Quality Assurance team or leading advancements in Green Chemistry through our partnership with award-winning Chemist Dr. Bruce Lipshutz, PHT is committed to maintaining the highest standards so our customers can focus on the bigger picture.

Regulatory Standards:

  • cGMP regulated

  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified

  • FDA inspected

  • C-TPAT certified

  • REACh compliant

Business Development

Making the right connections drives the success of any business. In the pharmaceutical industry, those connections hold the keys to smooth product rollouts, more efficient processes and the highest-quality chemicals for your end customer. With more than 25 years in the industry, PHT has become a trusted business partner for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, improving their quality and lowering their product cost. With an emphasis on end-to-end custom chemical manufacturing at our wholly-owned, FDA-inspected manufacturing facility, PHT Pharmaceutical can provide your business solutions at every stage of your product’s life.

Services We Provide:

  • Custom chemical manufacturing, including APIs and high-purity intermediates

  • Research & development, including sample production and analysis

  • Product life cycle management

  • C-TPAT-certified and REACh-compliant shipping and logistics

  • In-house quality control

Purchasing Manager

You can’t put a price on value. When making buying decisions, sometimes lower prices result in hidden long-term costs. That’s why PHT International’s unique global position can help your business reduce pricing, but ensure the integrity of your product at every step of the process. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a wholly-owned manufacturing facility in China, PHT crosses the globe to bring you the best value. With access to international raw materials, yet adherence to cGMP and other international regulations, PHT can assure the highest-quality production, while negotiating the best international rates on your behalf.

Keys to Our Value:

  • Wholly-owned, FDA-inspected manufacturing facility,

    Zhejiang PHT Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • In-house Quality Assurance team overseeing production

  • C-TPAT certified and REACh-compliant shipping

  • In-house Logistics team to manage and negotiate freight rates

  • International product rates

Case Study:A Dependable Partner for Your Product’s Life Cycle

PHT International will grow with your product. In 2008, PHT was approached by a leading pharmaceutical company to provide enough intermediates for a developmental quantity of a new product. We partnered with this company during the extended product development stage. When the product launched in 2011, production has increased by an average of 80% year-over-year, and PHT has been able to expand, grow, and meet the needs of our customer through our strategic partnerships and global network. Now, nine years after creating the initial intermediate samples, PHT is a trusted partner, able to provide an evergreen supply and expand facilities to meet the growing need.

Year-Over-Year Stats


*Customer-funded expansions