No matter where your product needs to go, we can guarantee its safe and timely arrival.

No matter where your product needs to go, we can guarantee its safe and timely arrival.

When PHT becomes your supply or manufacturing partner, our logistics team is here to help coordinate your product’s shipping at every step of the way. C-TPAT certified, REACh compliant, and with over 25 years’ experience managing chemical logistics, we work with your team to map out your logistical needs and coordinate your product’s arrival, no matter where the end destination. From facilitating clearances with customs to negotiating freight rates for lower pricing, our in-house staff manages all the arrangements needed to ensure your product’s secure, prompt arrival.


  • Shipment coordination and tracking

  • Facilitation of customs’ clearance

  • Warehouse management

  • Freight rate negotiation

Case Study:Solving Problems On Behalf of Our Customers

At PHT, our Logistics team stays one step ahead on behalf of our customers. Closely monitoring the international climate, and staying abreast of worldwide events, our Logistics team is able to solve problems before they become issues.

Port Strike, 2014 & 2015

During the years 2014 and 2015 there were two port strikes on the west coast of China. PHT proactively contacted our customers affected by the strike, well before its start. In order ensure timely delivery of all units, PHT was able to take the following measures to safeguard against any interruptions in distribution before they became an issue.

Proactively diverted shipments to east coast ports
Moved up delivery dates to ensure packages made it to end destination before strike
Provided daily customer updates, giving visibility into shipment locations and accurate timelines
In extremely critical case, organized a dedicated, localized load of 2-Octanol to be sent from Vancouver, Canada to Michigan to make sure production was not interrupted
Container Storage Facility Explosion, 2015

In 2015, there was a facility explosion near Tianjin, resulting in the halting of all scheduled departing shipments. Several high-profile PHT shipments had been planned to ship from this port. PHT took the following actions on behalf of our customers.

Diverted material that had not yet entered the facility to Qingdao port (540 km / 335 mi away)
Filed with Chinese government to ensure multiple ports are now approved to ship 2-Octanol, ensuring multiple shipping options for our customers and solving single point of failure for any future shipments