Why PHT?

Flexible Solutions Tailored to You

Each customer is different, so why should our processes be the same? PHT International understands that every business has its own unique goals, so we create custom solutions to suit your business’s need. Whether creating one-of-a-kind intermediates in our wholly-owned manufacturing facility, PHT Pharmaceutical, or partnering with one of our many strategic international suppliers, like Insight FineChem, to provide you high quality raw materials, PHT is positioned to provide a solution as individual as your needs.

Dependable, Reliable Results

Dependable, Reliable Results

Trust is built through one reliable interaction at a time. As one of PHT International’s core values, our customers have seen time and again the value of our dependable service. Whether it’s expediting an important shipment to ensure your customer’s deadline or meeting the most stringent of international standards for quality control, we’ve got over 20 years of building customer trust by solving one problem at a time.

Strategic Advantages

In this competitive market, every advantage counts. At PHT, we give you the control you need in order to corner your market. With over 20 leading reactions and chemical processes, and a dedicated Quality Assurance team, you can ensure that your end product will be consistent no matter when it’s created. Additionally, we’ve spent years perfecting how to create the highest-purity and most stable supply chains for our customers. Now, with our fully-owned manufacturing facility, PHT Pharmaceutical, we’re one of the only minority and female-owned companies in the industry with end-to-end manufacturing capabilities -- and the only one known for their commitment to integrity.