Our Story

Relationships are built on trust and honesty -- a belief so fundamental to our mission, we’re named for it: People. Honesty. Trust.

Founded by Lihong Yu in 1993, PHT International kept one mission at its core: Provide the best quality products and most reliable customer service in the industry. Twenty-five years and many relationships later, PHT is leading the industry as a full-service chemical manufacturer with exacting standards and a commitment to providing specialized solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

How We Began

How We Began

PHT International was established over 20 years ago in Charlotte, North Carolina as a chemical trading company for textile and dye intermediates. Through founder Lihong Yu’s conviction to providing top-quality products and services, PHT saw significant growth early on and expanded our offerings to serve agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, in addition to the industrial.

Who We Are

With passion, innovation, and an unrelenting belief that the right relationships produce the best results, PHT has become a sought-after custom manufacturing partner in the industry. With a full-service manufacturing facility, key industry alliances, and a global network of relationships, we provide individualized, start-to-finish chemical industry solutions for our customers, including customized chemical creation, research & development, procurement, and chemical trading.