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A Commitment to Integrity

PHT International is a leading Custom Manufacturing Organization for chemicals specializing in the Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Industrial sectors. Founded in 1993, PHT builds partnerships with leading brands through a commitment to integrity, solving problems and lasting relationships.

Offering research & development, logistics, procurement, QA & regulatory compliance, ownership in plants and joint relationships in strategic geographic areas position PHT as the trusted partner serving a global market.

Our Industry Expertise

PHT is trusted by leading global companies to consistently deliver high-quality specialty and fine chemicals. With the knowledge of industry and custom manufacturing, PHT is enabled to present great chemical solutions to the following industries:


Our reputation was built on producing the highest-quality products, consistently, at any stage of of the product life cycle. With exacting quality standards and adherence to leading industry regulations, PHT provides the highest degree of excellence to meet your production needs.


Let our ability to scale quickly without compromising quality, help your company produce the best end chemicals, no matter what volume you need. With our dedicated quality assurance team working hand-in-hand with our global strategic partners, PHT can help you improve efficiency without sacrificing product integrity.


Sourcing the most specialized raw materials and highest-purity intermediates was where we started. After 25 years leading the industry, let our network of global partnerships and comprehensive chemical manufacturing abilities be your stable supply chain.

Innovation: Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry is a central theme in innovative efforts for manufacturing in the chemical industries. PHT utilizes green chemistry approaches to reduce waste and solvent usage as part of a more sustainable approach to manufacturing. In partnership with ACS H.C. Brown recipient, Bruce Lipshutz, PHT has developed R/D capability services and pilot to commercial scale manufacturing in an effort to expand surfactant chemistry in water.

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At PHT we don’t just talk about investing in people. We act. PHT has a vested interest in the communities in which we serve. Because of this, PHT started our Give Back program, and each year, we partner with community organizations that are making differences in people’s lives. We sponsor events, fundraise, or advocate on their behalf. It is our belief that when we support others, we create a stronger future for everyone

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